TIGER-SOFT is a company providing IT, industrial and building automation services. The company was founded in 1997. in order to develop and deliver software, offer IT solutions, advise and help other companies to apply information technology. Our head office is located in Warsaw.

TIGER-SOFT offers professional services whenever there is a need to develop software for you or your clients. We are able to execute the order quickly and efficiently to help solve the problem and achieve the intended goals. Moreover, the cost of such a service is not high. You will never find such a lucrative offer.

Our engineering team is qualified and very well trained. We can create programs using Visual C ++, Visual Basic, Java on any field of computer activity. We also have the ability to program PLCs and other specialized devices. We are not afraid of any difficult tasks, we like them.


ul. Wiazana 28B

04-680 Warsaw

tel./fax +48 22 615-89-84

e-mail: tiger-soft@tiger-soft.com.pl

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